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Owners of businesses and nonprofits have a lot of different tasks to juggle. At 24 Hour Group, we take care of a variety of those tasks for you: from bookkeeping and corporate paperwork to website building. Now you can focus more on the core aspects of accomplishing your organization’s mission. Our departments are...

QuickBooks Management
by QBO Group

Bookkeeping with incredible pricing and quality control measures. Find out how QBO Group can take financial weight off your shoulders and be one of the greatest partners to your success.

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Corporate Administration
by Team Admins

Imagine if you had to do less of the tedious paperwork that’s required for businesses and nonprofits. Team Admins provides executive level filings with regulatory agencies, helps with Board of Directors meetings, writes resolutions, and more. Business management, simplified.

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Cover Story Magazine
by Cover Story

With your organization on the front of Cover Story Magazine, your business or nonprofit has never looked so good. Increase awareness of your organization, bolster your PR (Public Relations), and capture the good things you do in this digital magazine.

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Video Production
by Cover Story Production

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. Engage with your audience by having meaningful video content produced for you, specifically geared toward making your presence on social media stand out.

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Social Media Management
by Mod Media

Many businesses and nonprofits don’t know how to start managing their social media accounts. Mod Media creates custom posts, important messages, and eye catching design to represent your organization and help you engage with what matters most: people.

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Web Design
by Innovate Web

Organizations know they need to be relevant on the web, but the cost of paying someone to build a quality website can be steep. Innovate Web creates much needed websites with fiercely competitive pricing.

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Website Management
by Zazgo

Websites require upkeep: hosting, security certificates, antivirus searches, etc. Ensure your site is properly taken care of with tasks done daily to keep everything running smoothly.

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Grants for Nonprofits
by Grants Group

A nonprofit for nonprofits. Most nonprofit organizations are grossly underfunded. Grants Group specializes in connecting the dots for nonprofits and making sure they receive help that impacts their bottomline.

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Google Ad Management
by Ad Surfer

Google Ads requires creative writing techniques, quality keyword searches, and website edits and analytics. Ad Surfer specializes in creating and managing the complicated ins and outs of Google Ads to help you better reach and impact the world around you.

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Domain Name Management
by Dot Com Pro

Not every domain name is created equal; like property, some are more valuable and effective than others. Dot Com Pro helps businesses and nonprofits acquire premium domains.

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Brand Audit
by Value IQ

An appraisal for your brand. Make sure your organization has a name that grabs peoples attention! Propel your organization forward in both the business and nonprofit spaces.

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Latest News

24 HOUR GROUP was featured in COVER STORY Magazine. The article, "Nonprofits Reinvented," discusses how to rebuild your website and create impressive social media designs.

Our Story

A few things have changed since our company’s founding in 1869. The way we do business has not. Our commitment and skill bring confidence to every client we work with and every project we touch. Our comprehensive experience allows us to pursue opportunities others can’t.

Our goal is to help you aquire an established business or form a new corporation (profit or nonprofit), build an effective premium website, and create an internet presence for your marketing purposes. We take care of many routine tasks involved with the maintenance of your website and managing all requirements for keeping your nonprofit compliant, allowing organizations to concentrate on their mission and growth.



  • Charity Way
  • Limos For Kids
  • LEOA Foundation
  • The Way of Mercy
  • All Mercy
  • Foresthill Center
  • Worship Service
  • 24 Hour Ministry
  • Communion
  • UA House
  • Ukraine Relief
  • Mission of Mercy
  • Policy Lab
  • Joseph Ministry
  • Dilce
  • Febela


  • 1st Choice Construction
  • Atlas Stucco
  • USKO Realty
  • USKO Express
  • United Beekeeping
  • Glinsky Group

Las Vegas, Nevada

  • Purple Violet Florist
  • Las Palmas Market
  • Glynd
  • United Charity Way
  • Prodda
  • New Vision for Kids
  • Incud Ministry

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