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Bookkeeping Solution

24 Hour Group (QBO Group) bookkeeping helps in 3 key areas:

  • Affordable Pricing
  • Saving You Time
  • Quality Control

Affordable Pricing

Many people know bookkeeping is important, but not everyone feels like they can afford it. We’ve worked hard to create a business model where everyone wins, and so even the smallest businesses and nonprofits can afford quality bookkeeping.

“Before QBO Group came along, we were doing bookkeeping ourselves… We knew it would cost us more than $600 a month.
Thankfully, we met with QBO Group and they were able to completely renovate our finances at a price we were actually able to afford.”

– W. Joshua Ryder, Co-Founder of LEOA Foundation

Saving You Time

On average, clients receive an average of 42 hours of their time back every month. We believe in helping organizations focus more on their core mission. We can help reduce the load of multiple financial and paperwork related tasks (see specific services below).

“What little we were tracking [of our finances] wasn’t being done right, was in a spreadsheet, and took a lot of time… Having bookkeeping with 24 Hour Group makes everything way better.”

– Derek Avila, CFO of LEOA Foundation

Quality Control

Welcome to the top 1%. Equipped with at least a bachelor’s degree, our bookkeepers are some of the most educated in the industry. Backed with years of business and nonprofit experience as well, we’re helping organizations like yours overcome financial obstacles that could otherwise be crippling.

We include Quality Control assessments to catch what many other bookkeepers, and accountants, miss. We’ve experienced the pain of having books that aren’t done properly, and the ease and assurance that comes with the books done right. 

“[24 Hour Group was] able to go back and properly allocate…funds and fix previous people’s mistakes. 24 Hour Group took our organization’s financial mess and made everything right. I’ve learned that simply having someone handling your finances isn’t enough—the quality of the people taking care of your finances can make an enormous impact.”

– Paul, Joseph Ministry

Bookkeeping Options

In order to help your organization thrive, our bookkeeping has a number of options, including:

Accounts Payable
Accounts Receivable
Audit Work
Bank Reconciliation
Bill Payment
Budget Preparation
Customized Reports
Detailed General Ledgers
Financial Statements
Payroll and Check Registers
Tax Filing
General Bookkeeping

Not every plan comes with all of the above options. When we talk, we’ll get a better understanding of what you and your organization needs.

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