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Brief Overview

Here’s an estimation of what the onboarding process will look like:

Week 1-2
Request Contract & Invoice
Supply Information of Your Organization’s Income, Expenses, & Assets

Week 3
Setup Chart of Accounts

Week 4
Setup QuickBooks
Begin Tracking & Organizing Finances

This is simply an example of what the timeline can be for your organization. Depending on mutual availability, this process can be expedited or extended. You can also request a future start date.

More In-Depth Look

Weeks 1-2
Request Contract & Invoice. The last step of our website, “Invoice,” contains a form. You’ll put your information in and choose which services you’re interested in (QuickBooks Management is our flagship service, but we also have a magzine feature, website design, and more!).

Begin Communication. We’ll send you an email with the Contract attached. We’ll also set up a phone call so we can go over your business’ or nonprofit’s needs. At this stage you’ll need to send us information about your organization’s income, expenses, and assets.

Purchase QuickBooks. If you don’t already have a subscription to QuickBooks, you’ll need to get one. Simply go to their website and purchase it. We recommend a monthly subscription to QuickBooks Online, though QuickBooks Desktop is also an option.

Week 3
Setup Chart of Accounts. An important piece of bookkeeping, this will enable us to correctly organize your transactions. Each industry, and often times each business, needs a custom Chart of Accounts. We’ll go over this with you on a phone call.

Week 4
Setup QuickBooks. We help you link all your accounts with QuickBooks. This will automatically make your transactions show up in one convenient location.

Bookkeeping Begins. Now is where we, 24 Hour Group / QBO Group, really get to work. We handle everything on a set schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, etc). Reports are created and easily accessed so you have quick access to the financial health of your organization.

Up Next: A chance to get answers for frequently asked questions.